Art Lesson Supplies:

1.) Sketchbook of any size

2.) 1 Eraser – any one of these: pink eraser, art gum eraser, or kneaded eraser.

3.) 1 Sharpener

4.) A pencil set

5.) Colored pencils

6.) Small set of pastels

7.) Acrylic paints in tubes

The supplies 1,4,7, can be found in a "boxed" set at wal-mart. Most of this can be found at wal-mart, staples, or Dad's Art on East Overland.

If you already have some of this feel free to send the supplies which you already have instead of buying new ones.

The families which have more than one kid in lessons can buy the supplies to be shared. The only thing which can't be shared is the sketchbook. Each kid should have his or her own sketchbook, but they cant be found at wal-mart or staples in the craft department or in the school supplies for fairly inexpensive prices.

Please send your kids to class with paint shirt or wear clothes that can get dirty!